Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

3 An efficient and responsible Group Achieve excellence in operations SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 106 A range of sustainable 3.4.4 and efficient solutions The Solutions For Growth program is driven by Saint-Gobain's ambition to offer solutions that combine performance and sustainability in order to meet the expectations of its stakeholders, in particular its customers, and to enable acceleration towards a more sustainable and low-carbon economy. The objective is to determine a standard method that is easy to deploy in the organization and to adapt to local markets and contexts in order to identify the most relevant solutions and measure the benefits. The impacts of the solutions are assessed across the entire value chain and for the main stakeholders involved, right through to the end user. The critera used to measure the benefits related to sustainable development focus on environmental impacts and those related to health and well-being. The measurement of the performance of solutions focuses on the increase in economic value (productivity or other financial benefits) and the user experience. In order to standardize the measurement of impacts and to accelerate differentiation in its markets, use cases have been selected to illustrate the value provided by Saint-Gobain solutions. They concern the decarbonization of industry through the solutions of the HPS, renovation and new construction Business Units. For each use case, local teams identify solutions combining products and services offerred by the brands and distribution networks. The tools developed enable them to measure the benefits and thus to adapt the offer and the sales pitch to the expectations of the stakeholders. This program has covered more than 90% of Saint-Gobain's sales and helps to orient Saint-Gobain's offer towards sustainable construction markets. The methodology used to identify sustainable solution is available on the Group's website and has been reviewed by an independent third party. The criteria used to measure environmental benefits are: energy and carbon efficiency; ■ optimization of natural resources, including water ■ resources; all products and services that support the ■ environmental efficicency of other industries. The criteria used to evaluate the benefits in terms of health, comfort and well-being are: safety and security, including the reduction of ■ occupational risks in the value chain; ergonomics; ■ indoor air quality ■ acoustic comfort; ■ thermal comfort; ■ visual comfort. ■ The proportion of sales generated with sustainables solutions is 72% in 2020. Saint-Gobain's sustanaibles solutions sales include activities not assessed in the context of compliance with the European regulation 2020/852 Taxonomy regulation (see chapter 9, section 3.5) such as distribution activities, impacts and benefits not yet integrated into the regulation such as resources and the circular exonomy or finally benefits related to health, safety and comfort that will potentially be eligible for the social taxonomy.