Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

3 An efficient and responsible Group Promoting a healthy, open and engaging work environment SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 107 Promoting a healthy, open and engaging 4. work environment Deploying an engaged HR policy 4.1 Building on its history and its rich Social Dialogue, Saint-Gobain’s Human Resources (HR) policy ensures the provision of an environment that is conducive to the employee’s professional and personal growth and balances job-related performance with their well-being. This policy requires a compulsory buy-in from all employees for Saint-Gobain’s values as expressed in its code of ethics, the Principles of Conduct and Action. Saint-Gobain’s human resources policy must allow for rapid adaptation of the organization and, in particular, careful management of changes in skills requirements, support for employees in the face of major transformations, as well as attraction and retention of talent. To do this, it incorporates two dimensions: global coordination tasked with defining a common ■ framework for all Group employees, incorporating ethical values, respect for human rights, the deployment of managerial principles based on trust, accountability and collaboration, and the offering of training programs to better handle major cultural and market transformations, the establishment of ambitious and demanding health and safety objectives, social protection, diversity or any other subject that brings about decent working conditions for all; local implementation, by the HR teams in charge of ■ Social Dialogue, wage policy, local adaptation and the implementation of action plans to achieve Saint-Gobain’s objectives. In addition to the HR operational performance indicators (see chapter 4, section 2.2), the success of this policy and the quality of Social Dialogue are measured each year in a survey conducted among all employees. The percentage of employees responding to the survey, their satisfaction with working conditions and their confidence in both the strategy and its implementation are signs of a strong commitment that vindicates the Group’s choice of a balance between local and global dimensions. The Human Resources Committee meets every month under the chairmanship of the Executive Vice President in charge of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility. It brings together the Directors of the HR support functions, in particular the Director of Social Affairs and the Director of Group Talent and Executive Career Management, the main Directors of Human Resources of the regions and the Director of Human Resources of the HPS (High Performance Solutions) entity. Regular monitoring of local and global action plans and analysis of key HR indicators are carried out. body that assesses human resources and ethics performance on the basis of an evaluation questionnaire followed by audits of practices. For the sixth consecutive year, the Group is one of the 11 companies to have gained global recognition. Saint-Gobain is also recognized Top Employer locally in 38 countries, corresponding to 92% of employees. Each year, Saint-Gobain submits its human resources practices to the Top Employers Institute, an independent Managerial practices: 4.1.1 a global ambition Over the last few years, Saint-Gobain has experienced profound change, including the shift from a products offering to a solutions offering, creating a spirit of openness within Saint-Gobain: outward-looking openness to be attentive to the world around it and provide responses to customers’ needs and openness within the business, to foster dialogue and innovation. Five “Saint-Gobain Attitudes” constitute both a management method and a shared mindset throughout the Group: cultivate customer intimacy: understanding and ■ anticipating the needs of external and internal customers and responding with a “solution-oriented” approach; act like an entrepreneur: focus on performance and ■ results, cultivating a certain openness to new ideas and an ability to adapt to change; innovate: demonstrate curiosity but also promote and ■ value diversity to foster the generation of fresh ideas; be agile: be proactive and anticipate change, including ■ change related to digital technology, while maintaining a focus on results; build an open and engaging culture: exercise ■ considerate leadership in a volatile, uncertain and complex world. The “Saint-Gobain Attitudes” have been embedded in the Group’s HR tools and procedures such as the managerial guidelines, annual appraisals and 360° assessments, induction programs for new arrivals, training, especially management training, and talent management. In addition, a new way of leadership based on trust, accountability and collaboration is encouraged and includes new ways of working together. To develop this mindset, managers have training programs, tools for implementing new collaborative working methods, and inspiring examples to work on with their teams (see this chapter, section 4.3.5).