Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

3 An efficient and responsible Group Promoting a healthy, open and engaging work environment SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 118 In various Saint-Gobain entities, mobility committees bring together human resources managers to share job offers and exchange points of view about employees’ development prospects. These mobility committees cover all employees and are reinforced for managers. The management teams also encourage employee mobility and include applications from employees from other activities in their succession plans. In the event of geographic mobility, the Group offers all employees support for themselves and their families. Finally, within the scope of reorganization projects, Saint-Gobain favors the conclusion of mobility agreements. Employee satisfaction 4.3.8 Increasing employees’ involvement in a context of change, both generational and technological, is an essential challenge for the Group. To meet this challenge, the Group places managerial attitude and involvement at the heart of this approach: managers motivate and develop the loyalty of employees by giving more meaning to their everyday work and by favoring a spirit of initiative. questions covering the five main focus areas of the HR policy and the current transformation programs: Since 2019, a unique tool to measure employee commitment has been developed. It makes it possible to conduct surveys targeted on particular populations and/or themes, for example, specifically listening to managers during the transformation phases. This platform is also used to conduct the annual global survey sent to all employees: me@saint-gobain. Employees are asked Energy: an energizing, collaborative working ■ environment; Active: an organization that fosters responsibility; ■ Talent: an HR organization focused on developing ■ talent; Management: a management style based on influence; ■ Inspiration: sharing clear objectives and a factual vision. ■ With a participation rate of 81% in 2021, over 120,000 employees took part. The level of commitment measured is even higher despite the particular environment of 2021 and the pandemic. The commitment index reached a score of 83%, an improvement of one point compared to the survey conducted in 2020. This index groups the results into four themes: pride in working for Saint-Gobain; ■ short-term retention capacity; ■ recommendation; ■ the feeling of being appreciated and valued for their ■ work. In accordance with the HR organization, each country or BU is able to obtain results for its own scope and is responsible for circulating the results, and starting dialogue with employees to define action plans to work on areas requiring improvement.