Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

4 2021 results and outlook for 2022 Financial results SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 130 EPS up by more than 50%vs. 2019 Net financial expense excluding dividends from investments improved, at €408 million versus €453 million in 2020. The tax rate on recurring net income was 24%, slightly lower than in 2019 (25%). Income tax was €919 million, including an exceptional €106 million which relates to deferred tax in the UK (liability method) following the rise in the corporate income tax rate from 19% to 25%. Recurring net income hit an all-time high of €2,815 million (excluding capital gains and losses on disposals, asset write-downs and material non-recurring provisions), up 47% from €1,915 million in 2019. Net attributable income amounted to €2,521 million, up 79% on the 2019 figure of €1,406 million. Capital expenditure represented €1,591 million, up on the abnormally low figure in 2020 but down 12.5% on 2019. In 2021, growth capex was up by 40% on 2020: the Group opened 21 new plants and production lines to bolster its leading positions on the fast-growing markets of construction chemicals and light construction. Its main growth projects concerned (i) sustainable construction and construction chemicals in Asia (Malaysia and China), Latin America (Brazil, Peru and Chile), Africa (Ivory Coast and Angola), the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), Europe (Czech Republic) and Turkey, and (ii) façade and light construction solutions in emerging countries (Mexico, India and China), in the United States and in Spain. In North America, Saint-Gobain has decided to invest more than USD 400 million over the next three years to increase its production capacities in plasterboard, roofing and insulation. 2018-2021 New cash culture Positive impact of change in the Group’s profile Optimization of capital expenditure Reduction in operating working capital requirement (operating WCR): decrease of 12 days’ sales 2021 Capital expenditure at 3.6% of sales compared to a target of 3.5% to 4.5% Non-operating costs at €239m, in line with target Operating WCR at 17 days’ sales vs 18 days at end-2020 2018 Launch of transformation 2021 53% 31% €1,236m €2,904m Delivered target of a FCF conversion ratio >50% Free cash flow remained high, at €2,904 million, a rise of 56% on 2019. The free cash flow conversion ratio was 53% versus 44% in 2019, buoyed by strong growth in Ebitda, a continuing low working capital requirement (WCR) and the decrease in maintenance capex. Operating WCR represented 17 days’ sales at December 31, 2021, representing a historic low for the second consecutive year (compared to 18 days at end-2020 and 27 days at end-2019), thanks to efforts to monitor overdue receivables and despite the first steps taken to rebuild inventories in order to best serve its customers. ROCE hit an all-time high of 15.3% (versus 11.1% in 2019), resulting in strong value creation for our shareholders, in both industry and merchanting. Investments in securities net of debt acquired totaled €1,352 million (€1,423 million in 2020), and related primarily to the acquisition of Chryso in the construction chemicals segment – but also Duraziv in Romania and Z Aditivos in Peru – the bolt-on acquisitions of Panofrance and Raboni Normandie in France; Brüggemann in modular construction in Germany; and a joint venture investment in Massfix, a glass recycling company, to develop the circular economy in Brazil. In total, acquisitions made by the Group in 2021 represent approximately €820 million in full-year sales and approximately €125 million in Ebitda.