Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

1 Saint-Gobain Today Saint-Gobain’s DNA SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 14 The fundamentals of Saint-Gobain’s identity 2.2 A purpose, the cornerstone 2.2.1 of the Group’s identity In 2020, Saint-Gobain established its purpose, “Making the world a better home”. It is the result of a process conducted with its stakeholders: nearly 15,000 in-house contributions, over 600 workshops worldwide and contributions from external stakeholders such as investors, NGOs, partners and opinion leaders. With this purpose, Saint-Gobain took on its ambition to improve everyone’s lives by making the planet a fairer, more harmonious and sustainable living space. Through its business model generally and with its solutions specifically, Saint-Gobain has a tangible impact on the life of each individual, their environment and their way of working, caring for themselves and getting around. The Group’s purpose is the link between the infinitely small unit of each person’s living space and the infinitely large one of our shared home: the planet. “MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER HOME”: THE MANIFESTO Our purpose sets the course for our common future. Together with and for our customers, we design, manufacture and distribute materials and solutions that have a positive impact on everyone’s life and provide well-being, quality of life and performance, while caring for the planet. Our purpose reflects who we are. Our 350 years of history, our collective strength and our leadership empower us to pursue our development, by addressing the major challenges facing humanity, namely, climate change, resource protection and the fight against inequality. We are both an international and multi-local company, fully integrated into the territories where we operate to support their vitality and help build a fairer and more sustainable, open and engaging world. Our purpose is a call to action. Our approach is clearly focused on the future. Together with our customers, partners and all our stakeholders, it guides our action to unleash individual and collective aspirations, and enable everyone to live better in the world. It calls on us to innovate openly, with the ever-renewed ambition of better uniting humanity and nature for the common good. Our purpose is based on values that guide us. We carry out our business in compliance with the Principles of Conduct and Action and the humanist values that permeate our corporate culture. Listening, dialogue, care, solidarity, trust and respect for difference are central to our commitment. This is the profound ambition of our purpose: to act every day to make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place to live.