Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

4 2021 results and outlook for 2022 Non-financial results SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 147 Integration of the United Nations sustainable 2.3 development goals To embed the sustainable development goals (SDGs) within its CSR approach, Saint-Gobain draws upon the materiality analysis (see chapter 2, section 1.3.2), the Group’s stakeholder dialogue, and its understanding of its value chain. Generally, Saint-Gobain is actively following the debates on SDGs and reporting, especially the working group initiated by the Global Compact. The 17 SDGs were subdivided into different levels: SDGs aligned with the strategy, moderately aligned SDGs (limited scope of influence or associated with a specific activity) and non-priority SDGs where the Group has little or no impact. SDG 15 Non-priority SDGs SDG 14 SDGs moderately aligned with the strategy SDG 9 SDGs aligned with the strategy The Group is especially committed to 14 Sustainable Development Goals aligned with the strategy: Behaving like a corporate citizen in each country Sharing the Group's values with its stakeholders Managing and reducing Saint-Gobain's impact on biodiversity Implement actions according to the local context Contributing to the emergence of low-carbon economies capable of preserving the common good Changing the way in which the Group designs, produces and distributes its products and solutions to develop the circular economy Offering sustainable and affordable solutions that are adapted to the lifestyle changes associated with increasing urbanization Being inclusive by encouraging equal opportunities Engaging Saint-Gobain's innovation at the service of sustainable development and the circular economy Promoting learning opportunites throughout life Promoting healthy lives and support the well-being of all at all ages Implement actions according to the local context Creating inclusive growth in the countries where Saint-Gobain operates Being inclusive by encouraging equal opportunities Ensuring a sustainable management of water resources Using the Group's potential for local consumption to foster the development of local renewable energy networks Creating conditions guaranteeing quality jobs for the Group's employees SDG 17 SDG 16 SDG 15 SDG 14 SDG 13 SDG 12 SDG 11 SDG 10 SDG 9 SDG 4 SDG 3 SDG 2 SDG 1 SDG 5 SDG 6 SDG 7 SDG 8