Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

4 2021 results and outlook for 2022 Non-financial results SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 148 SDG 1 No poverty To create inclusive growth in the countries where it operates: for employees: the Group provides its employees with ■ high-quality jobs (see chapter 3, section 4); for local communities: Saint-Gobain contributes to ■ economic development and local employment (see chapter 3, section 2.3). SDG 3 Good health and well-being To ensure healthy lives and promote the well-being of all at all ages: for employees: health and safety issues are central to ■ the Saint-Gobain EHS Charter and are values held by all Group stakeholders (see chapter 3, section 4.2); for suppliers: the Group encourages its suppliers to ■ improve the workplace health and safety of its employees through its Responsible Purchasing policy (see chapter 3, section 1.4); for customers: one of the Group’s priorities is to design ■ comfortable and sustainable products (see chapter 3, section 3.4); for local communities: Saint-Gobain offers sustainable ■ and comfortable solutions to promote local, inclusive economic development (see chapter 3, section 2.3). SDG 4 Quality education To promote lifelong learning opportunities: for employees: Saint-Gobain’s aim is to be a preferred ■ employer, known and recognized for the richness of the career paths it offers (see chapter 3, section 4.1); for customers: the Group supports craftsmen and other ■ professionals through, for example, training for craftsmen (see chapter 2, section; for local communities: the Group maintains ■ relationships with local partners in many of the countries where it operates, to boost local employment and support disadvantaged populations with their career aspirations (see chapter 3, section 2.3). Saint-Gobain also contributes to major societal issues through sponsorship and philanthropy (see chapter 3, section 2.3.2); for civil society: support for young people is a priority in ■ all countries where the Group operates, particularly the professional integration of young adults in difficulty (see chapter 3, section SDG 5 Gender equality To be inclusive by promoting equal opportunities: for employees: Saint-Gobain is working to create an ■ environment conducive to fairness and equality, which is crucial to employees’ professional growth, while fostering training and the cohesion of high-performance operational teams (see chapter 3, Section 4.3.4); for civil society: Saint-Gobain works to promote a more ■ inclusive environment through its commitment to the United Nation's Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs); for local communities: the Saint-Gobain India ■ Foundation has dedicated itself to improving the living conditions of the most destitute people by supporting educational projects, particularly for young girls (see chapter 3, section 2.3.3). SDG 6 Clean water and sanitation To ensure a sustainable management of water resources: for civil society: reduce as much as possible the impacts ■ of the Group’s activities on water resources, both in terms of withdrawals or discharges. Long-term target is to withdraw as little water as possible and to aim for “zero discharge” of industrial water in liquid form, while refraining from generating new impacts for other natural environments and/or for other stakeholders; for suppliers: the Group pays particular attention to the ■ quality of its supplies and the suppliers performance in terms of sustainable resource management; for local communities: manage these issues locally. ■