Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

4 2021 results and outlook for 2022 Non-financial results SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 150 SDG 13 Climate action To contribute to the emergence of a sustainable economy aligned with the Paris Agreement: for customers: Saint-Gobain is committed, in ■ conjunction with a number of private and public players, to increasing its positive contribution and to creating virtuous dynamics (see chapter 2, section 2); for civil society: the Group’s goal is to encourage the ■ emergence of a low-carbon economy in the countries in which it operates (see chapter 3, section 2); for investors: Saint-Gobain upholds the ■ recommendations of the Task Force on Financial Disclosures (TCFD) (see chapter 3, section 2); for regulatory authorities: the Group takes part in the ■ public debate on climate change (see chapter 3, section 1.5); for suppliers: Saint-Gobain is continuing its Scope 3 ■ assessment process and encourages suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint through the Responsible Purchasing policy (see chapter 3, section 1.4). SDG 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions To share the Group's values with the stakeholders: for employees: the Group’s responsible approach is ■ based on its code of ethics: the Principles of Conduct and Action (see chapter 3, section 1.1.1); for suppliers: the Responsible Purchasing approach ■ incorporates suppliers’ compliance with the Suppliers Charter, based on Principles of Conduct and Action (see chapter 3, section 1.4); for civil society: compliance with the law, the principles ■ of the code of ethics and respect for human rights constitute the Group’s fundamental values (see chapter 3, section 1.1.1). SDG 17 Partnerships to achieve the objectives To promote multi-stakeholder cooperation: for employees: through its commitments, the Group ■ ensures decent working conditions and fights against practices that do not comply with its code of ethics and its Human Rights policy; for regulatory authorities: the Group participates in the ■ public debate on the major issues it faces, such as climate change or the transition to a circular economy; for civil society: through its positions, commitments and ■ partnerships, Saint-Gobain works to promote a fair and sustainable transition.