Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

1 Saint-Gobain Today Saint-Gobain’s DNA SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 16 A permanent ambition: health, 2.2.3 safety and operational excellence Building on its ambition to protect health and to promote well-being, Saint-Gobain expresses to all its stakeholders - and in particular its clients, its suppliers, and the neighbors of Group sites - its will to take action so as to maximise its positive impact on health, and to minimize any potentially negative impact that may stem from its operations (see chapter 3, section 4.2). As a a value that is common to all its employees, this ambition lies within the framework of both its Principles of Conduct and Action and its corporate purpose. It draws on the Group's policy regarding the environment, health and safety, and on its principles in terms of social responsibility. With regard to its employees, Saint-Gobain's promotes a healthy work environment by managing professional risks - including psychological risks - thanks to action plans managed at local and global levels and monitored in accordance with the Groups' guidelines and standards, and by taking into account both the diversity of profiles and the most fragile categories of people. It also means fostering better health thanks to customized medical monitoring, adapted to each individual's risk profile; deploying global prevention campaigns; ensuring welfare protection for all; and workstation ergonomics adaptation or personalized mobility programs in the event of limitations in the employee's ability to work (see chapter 3, section 4.2.1). With regard to its clients and the users of its solutions, Saint-Gobain's approach aims at ensuring safe use of its products and materials throughout their entire lifecycles, from design - notably by working on the choice of component substances with its suppliers - to the use stage and to their end of life. It also entails promoting health and wellbeing of clients and end users, and fostering transparency and dialogue, thanks to products and solutions that bring benefits in terms of acoustic, thermal, and visual comfort as well as in terms of internal air quality. With regards to the residents and communities adjacent to its sites, the Group's ambition means protecting health and wellbeing of individuals by abiding by all applicable regulations and by going further; continuously reducing the environmental impact of its operations; collaborating with local public healthcare agencies; participating in community social development, notably via housing-, education- and professional integration-related projects; fostering skill-based and equipment-based sponsorship; maintaining dialogue with all stakeholders (see chapter 3, section 2.3). Saint-Gobain's health promotion approach implies involvement on the part of top management, leading by example, collaboration and empowerment of all, transparency and dialogue with all stakeholders, regulatory, scientific and societal monitoring, process control and continuous improvement. The Group's health policy, applicable in all its sites, entails, as a minimum, full compliance with local regulations. This policy is tantamount to a personal and collective pledge on the part of all Saint-Gobain personnel. Each employee is involved in protecting health and promoting wellbeing, for the sake of all. It helps the Group being an attractive workplace, demonstrating its difference and its desire to have a positive impact on its stakeholders. In general, the Group puts operational excellence at the heart of its model, in the context of a particularly complex value chain (see chapter 3, section 3.1). This concerns first of all links with Saint-Gobain customers by seeking a close alignment between its offers and current and future market expectations, by cultivating ever greater proximity with its customers, by analyzing their satisfaction, and by deploying the "Solutions for Growth" program, which consists of analyzing the whole package of products and services offered by the Group and quantifying their ability to provide customers with performance and sustainability benefits (see chapter 3, section 3.4.4). This ambition for excellence also concerns industrial performance: first and foremost, the aim is to continuously improve processes and results across all operations, from environmental risk management to industrial and distribution risks. It is then a question of conducting a continuous improvement approach in terms of environmental protection, in all its dimensions: GHG emissions (greenhouse gas), water and natural resource management, recycling and protection of biodiversity (see chapter 3, section 2). Lastly, it involves managing the relationship with Saint-Gobain suppliers. This concerns, first of all, purchasing, a key factor in the Group’s competitiveness, whose effectiveness and the related risks must be managed. This also applies to transport and logistics across the entire value chain, by maximizing Saint-Gobain’s contribution to bringing benefits to its customers by guaranteeing service (satisfaction and loyalty) and the profitability of its operations (optimization of costs and inventories) while minimizing its footprint in order to reduce CO2 emissions of physical flows (logistics and transport) by optimizing its supply chain (information flows and material/product flows).