Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

CLIMATE CHANGE DEPLETION OF NATURAL RESOURCES DEMOGRAPHICS AN MEGATRENDS, RISKS AND OPPORTUNITIES: P. 40 P. 41 P. 56 ENGAGED EMPLOYEES, REFLECTING THE DIVERSITY OF THE MARKETS IN WHICH THE GROUP OPERATES y 165,871 employees of 117 nationalities in 75 countries y 26.3% of women managers y Engagement rate of 83% y Saint-Gobain has once again been awarded the Top Employer Global certification at the beginning of 2022 y More than 60,000 employees are shareholders AN AGILE AND EFFICIENT ORGANIZATION y The principle: autonomous decision-making at the local level y 90% of Chief Executive Officers are native to the region where they operate y A global force in terms of R&D, marketing, innovation, industrial performance and distribution RESPONSIBLE WITHDRAWAL OF RESOURCES y Constant progression towards circularity with 9.952 million tonnes of virgin raw materials not extracted thanks to recycling y Industrial specialties (glass, gypsum) indefinitely recycled in a closed loop y Increased use of renewable energies A GLOBAL FOOTPRINT y Around 3,500 sales outlets y Around 800 industrial sites A GLOBAL PORTFOLIO OF BRANDS y A strong brand: Saint-Gobain y Recognized professional brands in construction and industry A SOLID FINANCIAL BASE, SUPPORTING TRANSFORMATION y Sales: €44,160M y Operating income: €4,507M y Recurring net income: €2,815M y €100 million budget per year allocated to CAPEX and research and development investments for the next ten years to achieve carbon neutrality KEY SKILLS FOR INNOVATION AND TRANSFORMATION y 8 research centers worldwide y 3,600 researchers y 50 projects involving collaboration with start-ups approved in 2021 PERMANENTLY TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE INTERESTS OF SAINT-GOBAIN’S STAKEHOLDERS y Precise mapping of the Group ecosystem, and of the designated contacts for each stakeholder y Analysis and prioritization of key issues and incorporating them into strategic decisions P. 107 P. 33 P. 92 P. 7 P. 49 P. 29 P. 122 FROM THE RESOURCES IN ITS ECOSYSTEM... SAINT-GOBAIN IS EXPANDING Building and renovation On all P. 222 SAINT-GOBAIN SOLUTIONS POUR LES CLIENTS DE SAINT-GOBAIN+ PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS FOR CUSTOMERS PURPOSE HEALTH, SAFETYAND OPERATIONALEXCELLENCE EMBEDDINGOFCSR TRUSTAND RESPONSIBILITY P. 56 1 Saint-Gobain Today Saint-Gobain’s DNA SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 18 The value creation model 2.3 In a changing world and faced with the challenges of climate change, the depletion of natural resources, urbanization and population growth, digitalization and changes in lifestyles, the new organization of Saint-Gobain, which is simpler and more agile, draws on internal and external resources to accelerate the Group’s transformation, with the aim of contributing to the creation of shared value with its stakeholders.