Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

D URBANIZATION DIGITALIZATION CHANGING LIFESTYLES THE WORLD IN WHICH SAINT-GOBAIN OPERATES P. 42 P. 43 P. 42 ON GROWING MARKETS Industry P. 48 continents P. 7 CREATES VALUE... FOR A SHARED, SUSTAINABLE AND PROFITABLE GROWTH PERFORMANCE SUSTAINABILITY + +SUSTAINABILITY OF SAINT-GOBAIN FINANCIALPERFORMANCE ANDACTION ANDSHAREHOLDERVALUE PRINCIPLESOFCONDUCT DIVERSITY DATA INNOVATION DUAL DEMAND y Minimize the footprint of Saint-Gobain operations y Maximize the positive impact for all its stakeholders y See “Solutions for Growth”, chapter 3, section 3.4.4 DELIVER PROFITABLE GROWTH y Between 2019 and 2021, Saint-Gobain delivered growth superior to that of its competitors y For the period 2021-2025, Saint-Gobain is aiming for an organic growth of 3 to 5%, an operating margin of 9 to 11%, and a return on invested capital of 12 à 15% IMPLEMENT A CSR ROADMAP BASED ON 6 PILLARS y Building a decarbonized world y Moving towards a circular economy y Ensuring health and safety across the entire value chain y Ensuring inclusive growth y Encouraging an open and engaging working environment y Ensuring absolute respect for business ethics ACHIEVE SUSTAINABLE GROWTH y 72% of Saint-Gobain’s sales generated with sustainable solutions (in 2020) CREATING SHARED VALUE WITH ITS STAKEHOLDERS Economic y Sales: €44,160M y Added value: €15,281M y Portion held for growth: €4,332M y Interest repayment: €298M y Dividends paid: €728M Employment and societal y Salaries and other personnel compensation: €8,296M y Taxes and duties: €1,001M y Retirement contributions: €610M y Operating costs – payments to suppliers: €29,212M y Investments for local communities: €15M P. 135 P. 62 P. 63 P. 106 P. 53 1 Saint-Gobain Today Saint-Gobain’s DNA SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 19