Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

1 Saint-Gobain Today The Group’s activities SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 24 The Group’s activities 4. The Group designs, produces and distributes solutions that are found everywhere in our homes and our daily lives – individual and collective buildings, transport, infrastructure – as well as in many industrial applications. These solutions provide the Group’s customers with benefits in terms of performance and sustainability (see chapter 3, section 3.4.4), while meeting the challenges that shape the future of the economy and society. construction, and in particular sustainable construction: interior systems, interior and exterior insulation, cladding, floor coverings, façades and lightweight structures, glazing, ceilings, waterproofing, roofing solutions, pre-assembly and prefabrication, and the distribution of products, solutions and services for construction and housing. The Group’s high performance solutions, for their part, help meet the market’s growing needs on issues such as the decarbonization of construction processes, Today, Saint-Gobain already covers most of the sustainable mobility and sustainable industry. applications for renovation as well as for new An offer based on the expectations of Saint-Gobain customers 4.1 Customers in the construction 4.1.1 and renovation market Single-family homes On all continents, the Group markets complete solutions, combining innovative products and services for the building envelope (with brands such as Saint-Gobain, Weber, Isover and CertainTeed, the market leader in North America), with interior solutions (with brands such as Placo®), or services dedicated to professionals and individuals (with programs such as Solu+ or La Maison Saint-Gobain in France). For the construction of an individual residence, the Group offers a whole range of solutions for pipes, ventilation and electricity, both inside and outside the building. Saint-Gobain is also making progress on innovations such as three-dimensional printing, which optimize construction time and minimize waste production. The Group is also present in several countries in the distribution market, with brands such as Point.P, Telhanorte, Optimera and Dahl, which makes it possible to offer an unrivaled range of solutions, particularly in the case of renovation. In France, Saint-Gobain offers a range of products and services through its sole retailer Point.P, from thermal insulation to adhesives, as well as partition solutions and construction site waste collection services. The Group leverages the strength of its offering to take full advantage of the renovation market opportunities. This involves, for example, bringing to market a complete series of solutions for the renovation of a single family home (33 products and services) helping achieve long term energy consumption objectives (with 70% savings), better comfort (acoustics, luminosity, air quality in particular) and lower CO2 emissions (275 tonnes eq. CO2 over 50 years by housing unit). Collective residential and non-residential subsequent reuse or change in the use of spaces throughout the life of the building); on the building envelope, in particular by offering innovative solutions for lightweight façades combining several systems and products, or through the supply of cutting-edge glass solutions; recycling services to recover waste on construction sites, in particular to supply its industrial manufacturing processes, in a circular approach. In Brazil, no less than 13 products and services (and up to 21 in Germany) are integrated into the solutions proposed by the Group for the construction of a multi-family residential building. Saint-Gobain’s offering provides its customers (developers, architects, building professionals, owners and end users) with a whole range of benefits, notably in terms of reducing energy costs, speed of construction and reducing the carbon footprint, and easier dismantling. The Group’s advanced expertise in the field of Innovative Materials also enables architects to design iconic buildings with original and innovative shapes. Saint-Gobain responds to the complex issues of the construction and renovation of multi-family residential and non-residential buildings, with solutions covering both the interiors of buildings and the distribution of spaces, through partition systems (in particular to allow Saint-Gobain thus supports market demand on all continents by providing solutions adapted to each region of the world. Its offer meets expectations in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, in terms of volume and price of housing, and in terms of comfort and well-being. Industrial customers 4.1.2 Mobility In the mobility sector, with brands such as Sekurit, Saint-Gobain manufactures and delivers windshields, side windows, rear windows, glass roofs and pre-assembled modules to major car manufacturers. These solutions ensure everyday comfort for drivers and passengers and respond to the changes in mobility in terms of use and regulations, notably as regards to the environment. The Group is thus a key player in the transition of the automotive market (see chapter 2, section 1.2.2); number one in the glass market for electric vehicles, it offers a whole series of solutions (in particular with systems for insulation, batteries and electric motors) to improve their performance in terms of energy efficiency, well-being, security and connectivity.