Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

1 Saint-Gobain Today The Group’s activities SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 25 Saint-Gobain is also present in the distribution of automotive replacement glass on the independent market and has a network of repair stations in Europe. The Group is present in the entire transport market with glazing intended for the aeronautics and rail sectors, ships and industrial vehicles. Saint-Gobain also designs and supplies bearings and tolerance rings designed to reduce weight, noise and vibrations, and improve vehicle performance. For the aerospace market, the Group provides high performance technological solutions such as high-performance plastics, composite mold-release films, seals and low-pressure conduits. It also manufactures air and ground radomes providing maximum radio frequency protection, while ensuring uninterrupted communication with optimal reliability. Other industries For all of its industrial customers, Saint-Gobain provides high performance solutions, able to meet market expectations thanks to its capacity for innovation, its research and development potential, its proximity to its customers and its use of digital technology and data analysis. The Group relies on strong expertise in materials science, formulation, design of glass applications, ceramics, abrasive solutions, performance polymers and fiberglass. It has expertise in multiple state-of-the-art applications that make use of the specific properties of its materials (high temperature resistance, abrasion, chemical stability, surface properties, etc.). Many HPS products are developed jointly with customers to cater to their specific needs, particularly in plastics, highly sophisticated refractory products for the metalworking and glass manufacturing industries, and crystals for radiation detection systems. A range of solutions based on business expertise 4.2 Solutions for local and global 4.2.1 markets… Based on the results of the plan “Transform & Grow”, carried out over the period 2019-2020, Saint-Gobain, on the strength of its global presence and its extensive offering, now offers market players a true solution-based approach, which is one of the pillars of its “Grow & Impact” strategic plan. Beyond the traditional approach of meeting a specific need with an appropriate product, the objective is to offer its customers end-to-end support for complex issues, modeled as “use cases” or situations, such as the construction of a single-family house or the renovation of a hospital (see chapter 3, section 3.4.4). The Group analyzed all of its product and service lines to define four situations in which it proposes solutions for global markets (engineering and infrastructure, mobility, industrial markets) and 22 in which it offers solutions for local markets (new construction and renovation for residential and non-residential buildings). Saint-Gobain’s organization by country and by market enables it to be as close as possible to its customers and anticipate their expectations, taking into account local specificities, whether in terms of architectural styles, building methods, climate, standards and regulations, or cultural particularities. By capitalizing on its proximity to its customers, by combining its skills, by inventing new services, by strengthening synergies between its business lines, by accelerating innovation and data, by offering its employees an open and inclusive working environment, the Group differentiates itself and offers the widest range of integrated solutions on the market to better meet the expectations of its customers, as well as performance and sustainable development challenges. … incorporating strong business 4.2.2 expertise Glazing for buildings and cars To address the challenges associated with protecting the environment, aesthetics, comfort, ergonomics and safety, Saint-Gobain develops, produces and sells high-tech glazing solutions intended for the façade, window and interior decoration markets and to protect assets and people. With brands such as Saint-Gobain, GlassSolutions, Vetrotech and SageGlass (see the list of the Group’s main brands below, section 4.3), the Group’s offering ranges from the production and transformation of flat glass to the distribution of glass solutions for the building market. Saint-Gobain aspires to be the partner of choice for its customers: installers, processors, manufacturers, distributors and architects. The Group’s glass solutions improve the energy efficiency of buildings and user comfort in all its dimensions: thermal insulation, control of light inputs, aesthetics, interior design and decoration, protection against bullets or fires. These properties are obtained as a result of thin film technologies: using physical and chemical methods, stacks of films transform the glass into functional glazing. This means that the most complex glazing can consist of up to twenty successive layers. Saint-Gobain presents itself as the technological leader in the sector by bringing to market innovations such as Priva-Lite active glazing, which is electrically opaque on demand, or SageGlass solutions, with variable tint, mainly offered for façade projects. State-of-the-art offers also meet specific needs: glazing with burglar resistance or fire protection capabilities.