Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

1 Saint-Gobain Today The Group’s activities SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 27 Mortars and construction chemicals Protecting, insulating and decorating are among the key functions of Saint-Gobain’s façade offering. The Group is one of the world leaders in the field of mortars and building chemicals with brands such as Weber. The Groups’ special tiling solutions ensure safety and ease of use. In flooring, its solutions cover various fields of application: new and renovated subfloors, leveling and finishing prior to laying a floor, decoration with the use of self-colored mortars, solutions for areas of high footfall and underfloor heating, as well as a pump truck service to improve the productivity and comfort of installers. A range of mortars is available, covering all areas of construction, to help in structural work, rework and water-proofing solutions. A line of admixtures caters to the growing demand for improved technical properties in concrete for use in construction. The Group is expanding rapidly on the construction chemicals market, notably thanks to the acquisition in 2021 of Chryso, specializing in admixtures for construction materials, providing differentiated and innovative solutions and employing 1,300 people. Saint-Gobain also announced in 2021 the signature of an agreement for the acquisition of all GCP Applied Technologies shares, as well as significant acquisitions in Mexico (with Impac), in Romania (with Duraziv), in Peru (with Z Aditivos), and in Russia (with Adheziv). These acquisitions represent a decisive step towards establishing the Group as a worldwide leader in construction chemicals, with more than €4 billion in sales (as opposed to €3 billion previously). Pooling these resources offers customers a highly comprehensive portfolio and global coverage. Exterior Products Saint-Gobain is present in the United States and Latin America with a full range of outdoor products through its CertainTeed brand. For roofs, the Group offers premium asphalt and composite shingles, roll roofing systems and accessories. For façades, it offers shingle, insulation and vinyl cladding solutions. Saint-Gobain also supplies solutions such as barriers, terraces and balustrades. Solutions incorporating these various products provide the Group’s customers with benefits in terms of aesthetics, ease of installation and maintenance, and resistance to bad weather. Distribution of products, solutions and services for construction and housing Saint-Gobain serves hundreds of thousands of customers each year on the construction, renovation and home improvement markets. With brands such as CEDEO, Point.P, Optimera and Dahl (see the list of the Group’s main brands below, section 4.3), the Group has a network of strong and complementary brands, both generalist and specialist. Primarily oriented towards trade customers, the Saint-Gobain trading brands also serve small and medium-sized businesses and large companies and allow for a presence of the Group across the whole construction value chain. They also support individuals in the completion of their projects with professionals. The various brands thus strive to balance their customer portfolios, a guarantee of solidity and profitability. Another major asset is the regional network: in France, the Group has more than 2,000 sales outlets, anchored in the local fabric, able to serve the most dynamic economic areas. Saint-Gobain a one-stop-shop provider. It also allows for a very high degree of proximity with the Group's clients, thanks to data collection and analysis (see chapter 2, section 3.3.2) and thanks to the support Saint-Gobain provides its clients with across the board, including training on its products and services (see below). It also makes possible for the Group to capture the structural growth of the residential building renovation market in Europe (see chapter 2, section The Group's expertise in the field of distribution is key to achieve the strategic goals of the Grow & Impact plan (see in this chapter, section 3.2) by providing its professional clients with a large array of solutions and making Logistics is essential to distribution and receives special attention through the automation and robotization of processes. The trading brands are making a system of centralized logistics bases and adapted delivery centers increasingly efficient. This allows for a successful deployment of Saint-Gobain's e-commerce offering (as regards delivery times especially) for low-volume and low-weight products in particular. To support logistics, robust information systems are necessary. Thanks in particular to data collection and analysis, digital technology is one of the tools available to Saint-Gobain brands to offer customers a unique omnichannel experience: e-commerce, m-commerce, enhanced product content (features, descriptions, visuals, technical and regulatory sheets, etc.), as well as digital services that save time. The teams also benefit from productivity tools (Robotic Process Automation), machine learning and optimal data exploitation using data processing algorithms. This approach allows us to better understand and model product and customer targets to optimize the work of the sales force. Ultimately, digital technology acts as a lever to boost the Group’s growth (see chapter 2, section 3.3.2). Through distribution, Saint-Gobain is also committed to supporting its professional clients throughout their journey. On the French market, the Group is giving concrete expression to this commitment by designing and marketing services ranging from training (tens of thousands of clients trained as regards the RGE label – see chapter 3, section to the recovery of site waste (with the Ripeurs du Bâtiment for instance) to digital solutions offering assistance with estimates and costing on construction sites (with the Solu+ platform), or the rapid generation of estimates and invoices (with the Tolteck solution). Lastly, distribution is an area where Saint-Gobain’s demands in the area of responsibility materialize. This is reflected, for example, in the search for an ever smaller delivery logistics footprint, notably thanks to low-carbon delivery solutions, the optimization of circuits and the installation of sales outlets in the heart of urban areas (see chapter 3, section 3.2.2); or through the use of distribution chains as an essential tool in the collection of waste from construction sites, with a view to promoting the circular economy. In 2017, Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France set up structures to collect waste from the same types of construction materials, products and equipment that it sells to professionals, thus becoming the first private network of site waste collection points - with ca. 150 points - in the construction and public works sector. Pipe Saint-Gobain offers complete solutions drawing on more than 165 years of experience in the water supply market to meet the highest expectations. Through its PAM brand, the Group produces and markets ductile cast iron pipe systems for drinking water and sanitation, covers and gratings for roads as well as cast iron systems for collecting and evacuating wastewater and rainwater in buildings; it also serves the mining, hydroelectric and industrial sectors. Saint-Gobain’s offer is aimed at public