Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

1 Saint-Gobain Today The Group’s activities SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 28 authorities, public and private water companies, as well as players in the mining, hydroelectric and industrial markets. To guarantee the preservation of water quality and the sustainability of these solutions, the Group offers a set of certificates and approvals in full compliance with all standards and regulations in force in its markets. Construction industry and infrastructure Saint-Gobain manufactures technical glass fiber fabrics for customers in the construction and infrastructure markets. Its range of innovative solutions combined with strong customer commitment mean it can cater for every kind of market need: grid systems to strengthen walls and floors; glass fiber mat solutions to improve product technical performance; ranges of wall coverings, joint tapes and insect screens; geogrids for the reinforcement of asphalt surfaces, as well as technical fabric solutions for thermal insulation and protection against fire. Surface solutions comfortable to use. Lastly, Saint-Gobain produces composite materials for construction and industry: specialty films, foams, tapes, specialty adhesives and coated fabrics. The Group also designs, imports and distributes instant adhesives, sealants and silicones. They are sold to individuals and manufacturers in various sectors such as civil construction, consumer goods, crafts, furniture and the automotive industry. Saint-Gobain offers comprehensive solutions for each stage of the abrasion, cutting and polishing process. It serves a wide range of markets: construction and habitat (from rough cutting of concrete walls and floors to sanding of wooden floors and decorative finishes), heavy industry (steelworks, paper mills, and mineral extraction), and manufacturing and high-tech industries (automotive, aerospace, and electronics). The Group leverages its expertise in ceramic grains and its in-depth knowledge of materials to design abrasives systems that are optimized for its customers’ applications, as well as being safe and Ceramics Saint-Gobain has extensive expertise in ceramics and refractory materials, that enable the Group to serve a wide variety of markets such as the metallurgical, glass and abrasives industries, the automotive industry (notably the electric batteries market), the aerospace industry, electronics (particularly for the 5G market), and the chemical industry (for example regarding biofuels). Saint-Gobain's strong R&D capabilities in the field of ceramics are key to help major industrial players and innovators achieve their objectives in terms of decarbonation, lower environmental impact, and contribution to a more circular economy. In the case of the glass industry in particular, the solutions offered by the Group, notably through its Sefpro brand, enable its customers to succeed in their technological transition towards "low carbon glass" by reducing their energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Valoref, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain's, offers a used refractory materials collection service for the end of life of glass furnaces; these materials are recycled as secondary raw material.