Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

2 Strategy The Group’s environment SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 50 Stakeholder categories Key stakeholders Point of contact Communication methods Examples of interaction in 2021 Local communities Local governments ■ (elected officials, administrations, etc.) Opinion leaders ■ Neighbors of Group ■ sites (private or public companies, individuals, etc.) Traditional media ■ Country organization Meetings held at the ■ initiative of sites or country organizations Solidarity initiatives ■ Regular meetings with ■ elected officials and representatives from local administrations Experimental work in the ■ regions in partnership with the public entities and elected officials At the local level In 2021, The Saint-Gobain Foundation conducted the partial renovation of the Wat Khao Luak (Pichit province, Thailand) elementary school, which addresses the education needs of poor families living in remote areas. At the global level In its effort to limit climate change and its consequences for communities around the world, Saint-Gobain took part in the COP26 held in Glasgow, and interacted with many organizations in order to raise everyone’s awareness and encourage new decision-making. Employees Employees ■ Temporary ■ staff/temporary workers Employee ■ representatives Work/study ■ students Interns ■ Secondary and ■ professional education Human Resources Permanent contacts ■ Internal communication ■ material Meetings with Group ■ managers Bodies representing ■ employees Intranet ■ Website ■ Global or subject-specific ■ surveys At the local level The EMEA Abrasives Department launched the “Green Idea Competition” for its employees. The aim was to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. The operation was a great success. The teams, very committed to the subject, formulated 720 ideas. 375 of them were selected by the countries for the subsequent competition. At the global level Deployment of Microsoft 365 and its Yammer app. An internal conversational tool, Yammer replaced mysaint-Gobain on May 30, 2021. Already accessible to nearly 96,000 employees, this new application makes it possible to create communities bringing together people with common interests, to discuss the subject and share best practices. Investors Shareholders ■ including employees Institutional ■ investors Individuals ■ ISRs ■ Rating and ranking ■ agencies Financial communications Group publications ■ (brochures, etc.) Website ■ Letters to the ■ shareholders Shareholder Guide ■ Public declarations ■ Meetings with investors ■ Meetings with individual ■ shareholders At the local level The shareholders’ club has adapted to the current pandemic by offering virtual events, such as a visit to the Vetrotex site in Tlaxcala, Mexico. At the global level Creation of an immersive virtual platform to adapt to the pandemic and enable investors to participate virtually in the Saint-Gobain “Capital Markets Day” on October 6, 2021. Regulatory Authorities and public affairs partners Governments ■ Regulators ■ Inter-governmental ■ entities International (UN, ■ ILO, etc.) Interprofessional ■ associations Green Building ■ Councils Sustainable development Public affairs ■ Participation in working ■ groups, in most cases led by inter-professional associations, on various construction method-related technical issues, such as the evaluation of building performance. Green Building Councils ■ At the local level Saint-Gobain is a member of 40 local GBCs worldwide, a partner of the European network of GBCs (ERN), and has chaired the Corporate Advisory Board of the World Green Building Council (WGBC) since 2017. At the global level In 2021, Saint-Gobain supported the report “Renovate2Recover” which analyzes the way in which European recovery plans energy-related renovations in construction, and make recommendations on how to make these policies more effective and sustainable.