Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

2 Strategy The action: a strategic plan based on six priorities SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 63 Making progress on all six pillars of the Saint-Gobain roadmap 3.4.3 The CSR roadmap guides the Group’s actions to reduce the environmental, social and societal impact of its operations and solutions (see chapter 3, section 2). It takes into account both Saint-Gobain’s strategic commitment and the specific expectations of stakeholders. It performs an educational role, with a view to fostering synergies with stakeholders. It is based on six pillars and measures the progress made through the double prism of maximizing the Group’s contribution and minimizing its footprint. Maximize the Group’s contribution through its operations and relationships with all its stakeholders Minimize Saint-Gobain’s footprint throughout its value chain Climate change / Building a low-carbon world Contribute to a fair and sustainable transition aligned with the Paris Agreement … by providing its customers with solutions to generate carbon benefits; it is estimated that the solutions sold each year by Saint-Gobain enable the avoidance of 1,300 million tons of CO2 over their lifetime, i.e. exceeding by far the Group’s total carbon footprint. … through multiple approaches such as agreements for the supply of renewable energy to industrial sites, the deployment of eco-friendly logistics solutions, or innovation-related investment to develop low-carbon technologies. The circular economy / Introduce circularity in our markets Creating value through a circular business model that conserves resources … by targeting a percentage of sales through sustainable solutions of 75% by 2025; by contributing to recycling initiatives common to the business sectors in which the Group operates; by developing the recycling of gypsum; or by avoiding the extraction of 50% of raw materials in the construction of façades thanks to the use of light techniques. … by recovering 92% of production waste; for example, by replacing all plastic packaging with paper for mortars in Brazil; by publishing nearly 1,500 EPDs (environmental product declarations), representing 29,1% of its revenue, making the Group the world’s largest issuer of these in the construction sector; or by targeting an 80% reduction in non-recovered waste by 2030 compared to the figures for 2017. Health and safety throughout the value chain/ Being at the forefront of the most demanding standards Our first responsibility is to guarantee the health and safety of our employees and our stakeholders … by targeting 75% of sales of sustainable solutions by 2025; by halving noise pollution thanks to Ecophon ceiling solutions; by improving the air quality of interior spaces via Activ’Air plasterboard solutions; by providing access to controlled hydrothermal comfort via the Vario membrane; or by providing materials designed for the ergonomy of installers during installation. … with a worldwide and gradual roll-out of the “Care by Saint-Gobain” program between 2021 and 2023; by developing the “Mental Well-Being” program; by aiming to eliminate handling risks through attention to ergonomics; by rolling out the noise exposure indicator. Inclusive growth / Strengthen our local ecosystems To create shared economic growth with stakeholders in a spirit of mutual trust and transparency … by investing €15 million in sponsoring and philanthropic projects and, thanks to the Foundation, bringing projects relating to social housing and professional integration. … by establishing itself locally, the Group energizes and enriches the regions through the creation of direct and indirect jobs. Employee commitment and diversity / Foster an open and engaging work environment To create a work environment conducive to professional and personal fulfillment and promote the inclusion of all diversity and equity … by having women accounting for 26.3% of managers worldwide (the 2020 objective, set at 25%, has been achieved; new objective for 2025 set at 30%); by having women make up 37.5% of the Group’s Executive Committee in 2021. ... by ensuring engaging working conditions wherever the Group operates. In 2021, 81% of employees responded to the satisfaction survey, with an engagement index of 83% and a recommendation rate of 85%. Business ethics / Act without compromise To share our values with our stakeholders to build together over the long term … with initiatives such as the deployment of anti-corruption programs; or through the organization of the Principles of Conduct and Action Day. … by reducing risks throughout the supply chain and in operations. This is reflected in a strong Responsible Purchasing policy, with 100% of retail purchases covered by a Suppliers Charter, and 91.3% of non-retail purchases. Measuring and communicating on progress made 3.4.4 Saint-Gobain communicates transparently on its objectives, its roadmap, seen as a path for progress, and the results obtained each year, through a whole series of key performance indicators (see chapter 1, section 1.4.3 and chapter 4, section 2.2).