Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

3 An efficient and responsible Group Maximize the contribution for the planet and communities SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 84 TYPE OF OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY IMPACT ON VALUE CHAIN Extraction and treatment of raw materials Manufacturing and distribution, in particular of construction materials Clients’ expectations Other stakeholders’ expectations RESOURCE USE Recycling Replacement of natural raw materials with recycled materials; treatment of waste to convert them into potential new raw materials Inclusion of recycled content into products; increased use of recycled material in industrial processes (gypsum, glass) Increased demand for recycled products Development of local recycling channels in response to the scarcity of resources Reduction of water consumption Limitation of withdrawals, especially in water-stressed areas Use of operational methods that consume less water Inclusion of the water needs of local populations into new construction and renovation projects Limiting water consumption in buildings to anticipate the risk of water stress GOODS AND SERVICES Development of solutions for climate adaptation, resilience and insurance risks Development of low-carbon materials Development of low-carbon methods to ensure safe and reliable operations Taking into account local climate specificities in the development of sustainable habitat solutions Cooperation with local actors to improve the resilience and adaptability of cities in relation to their exposure to physical risks Development/ expansion of low-carbon products Use of low-carbon materials Designing products that have a low impact on the environment, or even avoid carbon emissions Increasing demand for low-carbon solutions Tighter regulations on GHG emissions, supporting investment in low-carbon products research RESILIENCE Participation in renewable energy programs and adoption of energy efficiency measures Identification of regular and reliable sources of renewable energy supply Development of digital tools to adjust energy consumption as closely as possible to needs Development of solutions that combine habitat comfort and energy efficiency Increased energy efficiency requirements, encouraged by regulatory changes and public support programs for energy renovation