Saint-Gobain // Universal Registration Document 2021

3 An efficient and responsible Group Maximize the contribution for the planet and communities SAINT-GOBAIN UNIVERSAL REGISTRATION DOCUMENT 2021 95 Local Foundations In North America, the Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation is active in organizing three programs: matching gifts, allowing up to 50% of employees’ ■ personal donations to NGOs or to education to be matched; community gifts, whereby each industrial site located in ■ the United States or Canada makes a contribution to the benefit of a local community; donations and initiatives are left to the discretion of the sites, according to local priorities and needs; direct grants, programs of direct support to certain ■ non-governmental organizations for social and societal development, improving energy efficiency and preserving the environment. In India, the Saint-Gobain India Foundation’s mission is to improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged populations by supporting education-related projects, targeted particularly at young girls. It is also active in the areas of learning, health and the environment. In partnership with 18 NGOs, around 9,500 young girls benefit from these programs each year. Actions to promote professional 2.3.3 integration and education In addition to the programs supported by the Saint-Gobain Foundation, many countries have set up partnerships to train young people, in the building professions especially. people into the construction sector and their exposure to it. In North America, the Group has built a partnership with the NGO YouthBuild USA in response to a twofold ambition: providing training for out-of-school young adults with the opportunity to learn green habitat skills while earning their high school equivalences. Thus, since 2011, the Group has been involved in the integration of young Likewise, Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland supports Barnardo’s YouthBuild Academy, which aims to train unemployed young people in the building trades at a time when the construction industry is facing labor shortages. Efforts are being made in South Africa to overcome the shortage of skills in ceiling and partition installation through the “Saint-Gobain YouthBuild Academy”. This training program, launched in 2003 and financially supported since 2016 by YouthBuild International, aims to share the know-how of Group employees with unemployed youth from disadvantaged communities, through a combination of theoretical courses and the achievement of a local renovation project. The “Saint-Gobain YouthBuild Academy” is the only CETA (Construction Education Training Authority) accredited training provider with accreditation to facilitate the National Certificate: Ceiling & Partition Installation NQF. The Group sustainably supports youth employment while contributing to the dynamism of its sector of activity. Since its creation, about 1,000 people have benefited from this program. In November 2021, Saint-Gobain in Morocco developed its own academy with the same objective of training young people in the building trades and in particular in the evolution of techniques related to sustainable construction. Qualifying training courses are provided in three training centers. The objective of the academy in Morocco is to train 3,000 professionals by the end of 2022. In France, Saint-Gobain inaugurated an apprenticeship training center (CFA) in 2020. Two channels have been developed: industrial maintenance and sales and marketing. Finally, in India, the Saint-Gobain India Foundation supports more than 9,500 young girls in targeted education programs.